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Project Description
This complex SaaS development project is a flagship product of the company. It is integrated with Google apps and Sencha touch anytime, anywhere touch screen mobile apps on Apple and Google Android touch screen devices.
Technical Consideration:
This website has been created with the following considerations;
  • Multi-Tenancy as enabled by a database extensive mechanism, lets each Tennant organization to extend the database, independently of the other tenants. This confers great customizability upon the proposed SaaS application.
  • Incorporated workflow facilities, which are customizable on a per Tenant basis. The workflow facilities enable the System Administrators of Tenant companies to alter the behavior of the system to suit the Tenant organization's business processes.
Using multi-tenancy applications we have developed very flexible Access Control options that enable the System Administrator of each Tenant company to configure the application to suit the requirement of the Tenant Organization and the Company. Integrated with Google apps using Google APIs and approved by Google, this product is listed on Google market place.
Extensively used:
Sencha touch has been used to develop these mobile apps. Using this first HTML5 Mobile we have developed web apps that look and feel native on Apple iOS and Google Android touch screen devices.
Built with Web Standards:
This is the world's first app framework, built specifically to leverage HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript for the highest level of power, flexibility and optimization.
The World's Best Devices:
This app is compatible with iOS and Android, which together represents over 90% of current US mobile traffic.
Enhanced Touch Events:
As the core method of interaction in a touch-based app, robust touch events are vital for the framework's architecture. Apart from the standard events supported by the browser like touchstart and touchend, we have developed custom events that can be used like tap, double tap, swipe, etc.
Project Details
  • ClientJapuram.inc
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  • CategoriesDesign and Development
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